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Galle the European Capital of Sri Lanka

The beautiful city of Galle is the perfect place to relax and unwind on a journey to Sri Lanka.It is a charming, tranquil, and incredibly colourful tiny city. Therefore take caution, for this European city located in the small island of Sri Lanka is pretty simple to fall in love with.

Furthermore, as the title suggests, this blog will contain about the old city of Galle and its incredible tourist attractions. So just in case if you haven’t visited Europe, don’t bother spending as this small city will give you a clear picture of a medieval city in Europe! Which is Really intriguing.

Galle Fort, the old part of town, is surrounded by a large city wall, which was built by the Dutch in1663. Furthermore, today, it is home to a remarkable assemblage of buildings that were constructed over the course of several centuries. In spite of the fact that the exterior of Galle Fort is picturesque and historic, the neighbourhood is still very much a working community. There are government buildings, courts, cafes, companies, stores, restaurants, hotels, and so on. Furthermore, You should also make sure to visit the Galle lighthouse and National museum which is located within the fort. In addition the visiting hours for galle fort is open 24 hours and there is no fee as such.

Moreover, Your sightseeing excursion to Galle is not going to be complete unless you pay a visit to the well-known Galle Lighthouse. This lighthouse is absolutely stunning, and it looks out over the Galle Castle. It is impossible to ignore the breathtaking design and architecture, as well as the atmosphere that it exudes. Further, this amazing tourist attraction is free and open 24 hours a day, so it should be at the top of your list of places to visit in galle.

On the other hand, the National Museum of Colombo is one of the best places to go in Galle town if you want to learn about Sri Lanka's long and interesting history. It gives visitors a chance to see art and relics from the Anuradhapura Kingdom, which dates back to the 4th century B.C., as well as a cross-section of Sri Lanka's entire history. In addition, the opening hours will be from 9 am to 6 pm, and there will be a nominal charge per person.

However, despite all of these incredible architectural Landmarks, we must not forget the Europeans who have been in this region for a very long time and who paved the way to make this city what it is today. The Portuguese were the first Europeans to arrive in the area in the year 1505, when one of their fleets that was headed for the Maldives was blown off course and ended up in the harbor of Galle. Hearing a rooster (which is referred to as a galo in Portuguese) crowing made it abundantly clear that they were the ones who named the city.

In addition, it was the Portuguese who initially constructed the fort, albeit on a smaller scale, for the purpose of providing defense against the kingdom of Sri Lanka. However, the Dutch were the ones who really made Galle into the size it is today and made it the major port for Sri Lanka for more than 200 years, welcoming a lot of ships that were traveling between Europe and Asia. Today, Galle is one of the most important cities in Sri Lanka. Colombo is the principal harbor at the moment.

Inside the Galle Fort, there are also churches, mosques, and temples, demonstrating how many faiths coexist peacefully in Sri Lanka.

However, amidst the sightseeing, Spending a day at Unawatuna beach is also one of the other best things to do in Galle, Sri Lanka, particularly if you want to relax after a day of sightseeing. Its shoreline offers a variety of activities, including surfing and scuba diving.

In conclusion, I can say that this lovely city is the one in the southwest of Sri Lanka that faces the Indian Ocean and is famous for its breathtaking sunsets. Watching the sun go down over the ocean from the Galle Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an experience I hope everyone has the chance to have.

So make sure to visit this beautiful, memorable and affordable European City!

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